Tuesday, April 30, 2019   12:00 Noon

The Outstanding Milking Herd &
Select Heifer Dispersal of 
Marsh Edge Dairy

Steve & Mary Leitner, Reedsville, WI
A spring special…Marsh Edge Dairy offers it all,
with a ME Lact. Avg.  over 30,000 milk, 1100 fat, 950 Protein.

Outstanding type that starts with great udders, feet & legs, longevity.  And then, there’s the Red Factor or more accurately, many Red Cows, Red Carriers, and nearly 2/3 of the cattle selling are naturally   Polled.  Bonus...the entire herd is Registered, as Steve originally registered in both books. 
Individual cattle are 99% min. & all papered with HFA.
A red-dy opportunity to purchase project calves or start a red-line of your own
as the Leitner's will offer fancy red calves, select show age heifers,
along with heifers from some of their top cow families. Nearly 50 heifers sell from fancy calves to springing heifers from the best-of-the-best @ Marsh Edge.  Polled, Red, RC,
and even a few great project calf possibilities!!  Come See!

Steve & Mary have bred & developed an outstanding herd on their lovely, neat & tidy dairy
off the beaten path south of Reedsville, Wisconsin.  The herd has provided very well for them
and Steve had planned to milk for many more years.  Health changes life & plans as is the
case and only reason for the Marsh Edge Dairy Dispersal. 
Mark your calendar and watch for updates!

Take a look at these preview udders!!
Elsa--brings it with a 2-11 365 record over 35,000   4.0   1500   3.4  1280
By Primus, she had 141 lbs., 25 SCC and is making another big record!
From this great cow and also due in June is dau. Kendra.

Sam I am, she'll bring the milk for your green eggs & ham.
This very correct & neat R&W hfr. has a 2-00 ME of 31,774 m, a super low SCC, and sweet attitude.
Bonus--her Sept. 18 calf sells!

Kelsy--a self sorter, the kind of girl you could take home to Mom!
A lovely hard working lady w/128 lbs. on her second test @ 3-03. 
She is the traffice stopping kind in R&W--a true breeders cow by Sympatico
Bonus--her Dec. calf sells behind her Mom

Kit (above) and Kat (below)
The younger maternal sisters of Kelsy coming in B&W or R&W--both polled,
both promising 1-11 first calf heifers, 97 lbs. in Red and 84 lbs. in B&W--by Piranha
Buy into a great transmitting cow family by your choice--only found at an "on farm" dispersal

Climb sells just fresh w/113 lbs. 13 SCC & climbing after making
2-00  309  26,230  1013  858 actual.
She's both R&W & polled and would look good going home on any trailer--
or a calf box could haul her fancy baby '19 daughter to your dairy!

"The sign says it all!"
It hangs above the entrance to the milking barn and sums up the
Leitner's approach & attitude towards dairying. Even while dealing with health issues,
Steve says he looks forward to everyday with his cows

We hope you'll join us for this special Dairy Herd Dispersal on April 30th.

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